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Friday, June 13, 2008

SafeManuals - 800,000 product manuals online for your happiness

A heap of downloadable PDF manuals for gadgets, electronic products and assorted appliances. If you can’t find something, perhaps you can upload a manual yourself and help the database grow. Pretty cool stuff.

The Craziest Gadgets of Taiwan's Computex Trade Show

Glittery. Strange. Futuristic. No, we're not talking about some of the options you'll find at the iPhone's upcoming SDK App store. We're talking about some of the crazy items that were displayed at this year's Computex Trade show, in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Computex event is not only one of the world's largest technology conferences in the world (alongside CeBit and CES), but we think it's slightly ahead of the others in terms of randomness and scope. After all, where else can you find a dust-filled, fanless industrial computer box shaking maddeningly right next to a bunch of panda-shaped USB devices, all with a too-satisfied expression on their face? Nowhere else. Outside of the Wired offices, that is.

PC World has a gallery up of some of the craziest stuff at this year's event, including a notebook with a swivel neck that drops down into your lap, and a little USB-ported alien doll that hits itself on the head with a hammer whenever someone sends you an IM.

And you thought the big news coming out of this event this year was the new line of Asus Eee PCs. What were you thinking?


Gadgets which you can gift to your Dad on Father's Day

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3. Top 10 Last-Minute Father's Day Gadgets Dad Actually Wants

The Best Websites for Gadget Freaks

Visit some of the interesting websites where you can see all the stuffs related to your choice, interest. Read This article.

10 gadgets to have handy in a post-apocalyptic world

With the countdown to the startup of the LargeHadron Collider winding down, mankind works its way to making its mark in history, or working to wipe itself off the face of the earth, along with possibly destroying several neighboring planets.

As with any extinction-level event, we can assume there will not be too many people around to, say, keep the water and power flowing. So us bloggers who are usually locked away in an obscure basement will be forced to get out of our bunkers and into the unknown wilderness.

So, the big question I would ask myself as I trek out to scavenge the wasteland is: "What tech goodies would I keep with me if I were to survive an extinction-sized disaster?" The "geek" stuff of today could be the best renewable amenities and tools for a disaster.

  1. iPhone 3G--Of course, there won't be any service in my area, or rather, any area at all. The towers would have been wiped out when LHC went nuclear and an EMP swept the face of the earth. However, because it has GPS, you can pretty much keep some sort of track on where you've been and make off your daily route. I'm assuming that the GPS satellites are still orbiting since the meltdown would not have been big enough to blow up the earth. The tunes on the iPhone will make a good soundtrack as you run after that sewer rat which you intend to make your dinner or are running away from Mad Max and his cronies. Just make sure you've already installed some sort of software that won't need you to be connected in order to get a map.

  2. Solar-powered or hand-cranked flashlight with USB charger--It'll keep the iPhone running and, when the battery dies in a few years, it'll remain a permanent fixture to the iPhone.

  3. Water-filtering bottle--by QuakeKare, it'll get out almost all contaminants.

  4. Victorinox Cybertool lite--All the basic real-life tools with some geek goodies thrown in.

  5. The Lightcap--When a flashlight just isn't sufficient.

  6. Solar-powered tent--Keep your gadgets charged while you're not out roaming the wastelands.

  7. Solar-powered golf cart--like this one in Cravefrom a few years back.

  8. Grab a CB/HAM radio and plug that into the solar golf cart to pick up signals from anyone who may still be out there.

  9. Piezo Electric stove/grill lighter--Not sure how this works but since it requires no fuel or batteries, I'm sure it'll do its duty as a fire-starter after the end of civilization as we know it. And because rubbing two sticks together is soooooooo last century.

  10. PSP--with a USB adapter. Good for those lonely, "I'm the last human on the face of this earth" nights.

Laptop Bag Of The Week: Stylish Suede Laptop Bag From Elifbag!

Here’s a cute suede laptop bag for you to admire!

I’m totally loving the very chic design! It’s made from top quality calfskin leather and suede.

Fits 15″ laptops and has detachable cellphone and PDA pockets.

Where to buy: Elifbag
Price: $499.00

Whether Japanese cell phones have become too complex?

Japanese cell phones have been considered the most advanced for a long period of time. Their features seemed to be very remarkable. For example, Japanese enjoyed location tracking, mobile credit card payment and live TV. Americans could only dream about such functions.

But suddenly there appeared an opinion that the majority of these features are hard to use or not used at all. It was also said that the average person uses just about 10 percent of the features on his cell phone. According to the opinion of the Japanese, dozens of buttons and combinations are too complex to use.

If you are bored, kill your time trying different key combinations and you will definitely find new features.People care about the features of their cell phones very much. It seems that Japanese have overdone a little.

There is an obvious example of a Japanese cell phone. On the one hand, Panasonic P905i features a qualitative 3-inch TV, 3G, GPS, a 5.1-megapixel camera, etc. On the other hand, the motion sensors are very slow; there is also no TV signal in the subway, sometimes even above ground, but the sound disappears every few seconds.

Thus, the manufacturers are always trying to add as many newest functions as possible, because the potential users want the most modern high-tech devices. As a result, the gadget doesn't work as it should.

However, it is not clear if Japanese people would abandon their extraordinary gadgets for Apple's easy-to-use iPhone that will be available in Japan by the end of this year.


13 travel gadgets to keep you healthy, happy

There's nothing like a vacation to help everyone recharge — but there's nothing like a bout of traveler's diarrhea to put a crimp in your trip. Or a bad sunburn. Or wanting a doctor... but not being able to find one. To the rescue: the travel essentials worth toting to keep your trip easy — and fun.

1. A hat that shields you in style
Channel your inner fashionista with this Coolibar packable wide-brim hat. Unlike the average hat, which offers an SPF of 6 to 10, this version protects you with an SPF of 50 — and it springs back into shape after being stuffed in a suitcase or tote. ($30;

2. A toothbrush that has it all
Forget grubby, hard-to-clean toothbrush cases. Just turn the dial on fresh&go's toothbrush to dispense the paste — the handle holds 2 weeks' worth — then snap the cap back on to keep contaminants at bay. ($10 for six;

3. A pill case that reminds you
If someone in your family is packing meds, help her stay on schedule with E-pill 7-Day Organizer and Reminder, a case that sorts medicine by time and day. It includes an alarm that beeps when a dose is due or missed. Program up to 37 alerts; they'll reset automatically at midnight. ($70;

4. Toiletries that lighten your load
Leave bulky bottles at home: Travelon toiletry sheets won't weigh down your bags. Simply add water to a paper-thin sheet, which dissolves into hand soap, shampoo--even laundry detergent! The cases are smaller than a deck of cards. ($5 each;

5. A necklace that stores emergency info
This password-protected "thumb drive" holds electronic versions of medical histories, prescriptions, emergency contact info, and more. Use the Portable Travel Profile to print out copies — or have a doctor plug it into any computer if you're hospitalized. ($30;

6. Headwear that keeps you cool and burn free
The High UV Protection Buff headpiece is a seamless, moisture-wicking tube of fabric that can be worn at least 12 different ways and offers 95% UV protection. Dip it into cold water and loop it around your neck to keep from overheating on a hike, or fold it into a sweatband for yoga — the CoolMax fabric dries in less than an hour. ($22;

7. Pills that banish bloat
Everything from harried airport eating to changes in altitude can make you bloated while flying. For insurance against painful gas, take two Charco-Caps before takeoff. Unlike other products that break down gas bubbles, studies show that the charcoal in these pills attracts and traps gas, which makes the remedy an even better way to head off an embarrassing problem. ($7;

8. Earplugs that ease pressure
Flying is painful if you're congested or have sensitive ears, so pop in a pair of EarPlanes before your plane leaves the runway. Filters inside the silicon plugs regulate air pressure to keep you comfy during ascent and descent. A pair of the disposable plugs is good for a round-trip flight. ($6;

9. Socks that ward off blood clots
If your legs swell during long flights, these circulation-enhancing socks can help. They're tight in the right places to increase blood flow, reducing your risk of deep-vein thrombosis, a dangerous blood clot more likely to occur during periods of immobility. Your odds of DVT go up if you recently had surgery, have a family history of the condition or a genetic predisposition to clots — or, simply, if you've had your 60th birthday. ($30;

10. A patch to prevent sunburn
Before you go hiking or lounge on the beach, apply a SunSignal sticker. The bandagelike patch turns from yellow to dark orange when you've hit your limit on UVB, so you won't get a dose that raises the risk of skin cancer. ($5;

11. A bracelet that repels bugs
The geraniol in BugBand bracelets, towelettes, and sprays is the strongest plant-based bug repellent out there. Independent studies show that the spray is as effective as DEET against mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and gnats. Use the bracelet when the bugs aren't as thick; it provides less coverage. ($1 and up;

12. A portable way to purify water
It's hard to enjoy the wonders of a new place if you're worried about drinking the water. The lightweight Steripen Traveler water purifier kills more than 99% of illness-causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites with no chemical aftertaste: Just swish the ultraviolet wand in your glass. ($100;

13. A GPS that finds help faster
Save precious minutes in case of emergency: A few taps on the TomTom One 3rd Edition Global Positioning System is all it takes to get directions to the nearest hospital or police station. (With other GPS devices, you have to manually search for nearby hospitals and such.) Lost? Press "Where Am I?" and your coordinates appear. ($200;


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sling announces proof-of-concept SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone

We had a feeling it was coming any day now, but now we have confirmation that Sling won't be leaving iPhone and iPod touch users in the lurch when it comes to streaming TV to their devices. The bad news is the software they showed us was pre-alpha proof-of-concept, and their whole situation is hamstrung by the fact that Apple hasn't officially accepted them into the developer program yet. So what we've seen is basically an app developed out of bounds for jailbroken devices -- thus it goes without saying that Sling won't be releasing it until they can do so legitimately. But assuming all goes well, they do intend to get it out the door by sometime this fall or winter. No word yet on the Android release. Video of the app in action after the break.

Source: engadget

"My Dior" Mobile Phone

Christian Dior has branched out into the mobile/cellular phone universe with the "My Dior" phone, by ModeLabs. It took three years to develop the clamshell, which will be available in two versions: a $5,000 basic version and a $26,000 luxury version, which features a 2.6 touch screen with an integrated media player and is decorated with 640 stones of 3,251 carats of Swarovski crystals imprinted on a crocodile skin case. Ringtones are proposed to be Dior's voice as well as music. Look for marketing to begin this month. This phone is just beautiful, but I'd be terrified of dropping or losing it!